Cannabis May Be Your Next Commodity

Cannabis and Commodities Cannabis may be coming to the Commodities Market. Pot can soon join corn, wheat, and hogs on the agricultural futures markets, well if New Leaf Data Services LLC has its way. New Leaf Data Services is a leading provider of financial, business and industry data for emerging markets in North America. They […]

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Sell In May & Go Away

May- October Are Historically Slow Months This Is A Great Time For Beginners To Get Into The Stock Market!!! #SellInMayAndGoAway is a well-known financial-world adage, based on the historical performance of the stock market. May- October are usually sluggish and unexciting during this time compared to the winter months.  Some investors even sell their holding […]

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Black Farmer & Green Rush

Yes, that is me on the horse.  I come from a family of Black Farmers who happens to own 1 of the oldest Black-Owned Farmer in Michigan, the Roberts Family Farm.  Black Farmers have had a hard time making a living in agriculture based on the government’s discrimination.  Lack of lending or process of loans […]

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